• Tammy Lundeen

    Former Colleague of Amy Scobee

    Tammy Lundeen, a former colleague of Amy Scobee’s at Golden Era Productions, said, “Amy herself boasted and took a pride in the fact that she was able to cover up, lie and deceive people.” 


    Amy herself boosted and took a pride in the fact that she was able to cover up, lie and deceive people and in fact, operated this, operated on this as her statistic—what she felt was valuable in her life. How much she could cover up, lie and get away with at other people’s expense.

    She would tell the story, stories about her childhood and every time she told them they were totally different. So you can kind of brush that aside as a character flaw. But then within her day-to-day activities, it became way more sinister where she would get entrusted to do something, get somebody else to do it, “to help her,” then say that she did it. If it was right she took all the credit. If it was wrong she would attack or get the person who helped her in trouble. And that was pretty much the way she went about her day-to-day job and activity.

    My experience with her being a fake goes back to 1996 which was my first direct dealing with her. And she was entrusted or asked, requested, was supposed to write up some different issues that laid out the patterns of different areas. She immediately, after being asked to do this, went to go see another staff member and had him draw up the whole thing but she was up and worked on very expensively for several days. She then turned this in as her own work, not even understanding any of it. And took all of the credit for it.

    She tried to make herself appear that she was with it, that she wanted to be part of the team, that she wanted to assist, she wanted to help people and it’s unfortunate that I cannot recall one incident of her ever helping another person—ever!

    She could care less about her husband at the time that I knew her. Instead she tried to engage in three different instances of breaking up other people’s marriages. And thought that was funny. So for her to now talk on behalf of—I don’t know what—that she cares about family is such a joke it is not even funny.