• Amy Scobee
    Irresponsible Adulteress

    Being married didn’t stop Amy Scobee from engaging in multiple extramarital affairs and other sexual misconduct while a Church staff member, including the one that got her expelled from the Church for good. That was when she had an egregiously irresponsible affair with a man she was supposed to be providing spiritual counseling to as a minister.

    “… and had sex. Since then (I believe the next day) I gave him one b--- job and we have hugged & kissed almost daily.”

    Seducing someone who is trusting you to help them through a difficult period in life is a gross betrayal in any religion or profession. Even in her self-published “memoir” written after she left the Church and became a bitter anti-Scientologist, Scobee admitted to her sexual misconduct and to being disciplined for her transgressions. When deposed in June 2010 in a court case, Scobee also admitted under penalty of perjury to her promiscuity and violating Church ethical standards.

    Her history of extramarital affairs, inappropriate sexual transgressions and irresponsible behavior are too numerous to recount. In just one example, Scobee tells of sitting on a plane next to a married businessman, a total stranger. She proceeded to do whatever it took to get him aroused. Scobee, as usual, was oblivious to the fact that her behavior was reckless and irresponsible. She had to be repeatedly disciplined in the Church for her ethical lapses. One Church executive who worked with Scobee described her repeated sexual transgressions as “in total contravention of our ethics code.” In explaining her own morals, Scobee wrote:

    Amy Mortland aka Amy Scobee’s moral code: “To flirt, not be faithful. To be admired by men. To think of other guys when with my husband. To keep a ‘not too tight’ marriage in case you might ever ’need’ to step out of it.”

    It was obvious that Scobee would not control her sexual urges. She knew that she was unfit for the religious order of the Church because of her refusal to uphold the ethical standards and her involvement in extramarital affairs. When she was dismissed in January 2005, she wrote in a signed affidavit:

    “I committed a severe violation of Church scriptures and engaged in an affair; in fact with the person whom I was supposedly helping …. I was also this person’s auditor, and my actions were a serious violation of the Auditor’s Code, a sacred ethics code that governs the conduct of auditors. I realize that I have also contributed to endangering my friend’s … qualifications for staff in the Church and continued membership in the Sea Organization.”

    Amy Scobee is now attempting to rewrite history, blaming others for her own unethical conduct and peddling fictional accounts to anyone who will listen.