• Nathan Story

    Former Colleague of Amy Scobee

    Nathan Story worked with Amy Scobee in the 1990s in Los Angeles. He says that “Amy was definitely a faker and a fraud,” living a pretense that she did not follow up with action. 


    Amy was definitely a faker and a fraud. Definitely just trying to glow right everything but, you know, glow that she’s right and that she’s amazing, not by action.

    Amy was definitely very flirty in all of her interactions. Flirty, cutesy, always trying to essentially get your agreement through a noncommittal smile or however you might put it. And vice versa with other women, very sinister, very evil to them.

    I don’t remember Amy making any discerning difference between any guys whether married or not married because that was how she dealt with things as her way of keeping things running the way she wanted them to run was being a flirt with men. So whether they were married or single it was the same thing with all of them.

    Whether or not you crash and burn will be of no regard to her. It will just be about her looking good. She’s the one who saved the day. And anyone else is dispensable besides herself. So you really have to know that when you’re working with her because you’re going to think, by appearances, that she’s working with you and you guys are collaborating. But that’s only going to last until you can be gotten rid of, and then it’s all her.